Tideon is a little boy who doesn’t fit in. His father doesn’t like him and the local neighbors think he’s a misfit. Until one day a bad thing happens that changes his life forever, a miracle that makes him ocean royalty.

With the help of the goddess of the Moon Diana and her royal captain Ayalon, Tideon conquers the evil thrown at him and his mother and takes his rightful place in the world.

This book is for all those children who grew up feeling different, who were bullied, and for everyone who is in love with the ocean. 

Tideon was always laughing, always playing and hiding, always racing away to the shore near his home to fall in love with the ocean, over and over again. Especially when his father came back from war. 

Author of Tideon

Illustrator of Tideon

A New Myth
By Elizabeth MacDonald

I came up with Tideon’s story in sixth grade, and it never left me. The class assignment was to write a myth and that’s when I thought of Tideon. It’s for all those were bullied and who also love the ocean.

The book is appropriate for children of all ages, and parents too

I came up with the characters thinking of a mother’s love for her son. My mother was in love with her children, and she loved the ocean. I grew up with a neighbor who was physically handicapped and I always loved playing with him. My parents also grew up near the beach in Belle Harbor, Rockaway, so they love the ocean. Our family has had a profound love affair with the ocean for generations. It’s our comfort and our happiness.